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Waters Landing Elementary School Fourth Grade Newsletter May 2013 Important Dates May 9 Field Trip Brighton Dam May 14 Olympic Day May 18 Evening Drama performance May 17 Drama Performance 7pm-9pm May 18 DOLPHINMANIA 12pm-4pm May 23 Volunteer Tea Art Show Spring Concert May 22-May 29 BOOK FAIR May 27 MEMORIAL DAY SCHOOLS CLOSED Dear Parents and Guardians, The end of the school year is quickly approaching. We are still working to prepare your child for their upcoming 5th grade year. We have several topics in all subject areas to complete by the end of the school year. You can help us to make it a smooth transition to 5th grade by continually monitoring their Friday folders and daily assignment books. Also, please ensure that your child has the appropriate materials needed for the remainder of the school year, i.e. pencils, erasers, etc. Important Dates: May 9th WSSC 2013 Children’s Water Festival at Brighton Dam Please remember to bring a bagged lunch this day.NO LUNCH BOXES, all Lunch items must be disposable. Remember to wear your WSSC t-shirt on the field trip. Arrange for pick-up of your child at WLES by 5:15pm. May 14th Olympic Day Reading In May we...

Social Studies We are finishing up our study of immigration with lessons on the founding of “New America” colonies. We have studied the “how's” and “whys” Europeans came and settled in St. Mary’s City, Plymouth, and Jamestown. We have looked at their governments, their hardships, and their triumphs. As we finish out the remainder if the school year we will be focused on the foundations and functions of government today. We will study the three braches of government, the rights and responsibilities of individuals, and apply this knowledge to real world scenarios Science In Science we are wrapping up our study of matter and will be starting our final unit which is Rocks and Minerals. Students will be learning about the three types of rocks. They will be conducting investigations to determine the difference between rocks and minerals. They will also be discovering what makes up rocks with their “mock rock”, and be able to “dig” for fossils. 4th Grade Math We continue our in depth study of fractions. We have introduced and continue to use new vocabulary words in our class. Ask your child to share definitions of the following words with you: partition, fractions greater than a whole,...

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  • 31 August, 2016
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4 th Grade AAP Newsletter SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Christopher Klos Ext 6835 Christine Marucchi Ext. 6894 Kristin Muller Ext 6834 Welcome to a new school year! We have been getting to know...

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