The Ambassador of Belarus to China H.E. Mr. Burya Viktor

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  核心提示:在当今思想多元化的时代,《中外新闻》作为联合国三家机构认定的主流媒体,以推出年度新闻人物的方式,对具有时代特征、为推动国际社会和谐进步作出贡献的新闻人物进行表彰,在国际社会树立起改革创新的时代精神,凝聚起“超越自我 奉献时代”的坚强合力。经《中外新闻》记者采访报道、主流媒体推荐函推荐,“《中外新闻...


  在当今思想多元化的时代,《中外新闻》作为联合国三家机构认定的主流媒体,以推出年度新闻人物的方式,对具有时代特征、为推动国际社会和谐进步作出贡献的新闻人物进行表彰,在国际社会树立起改革创新的时代精神,凝聚起“超越自我 奉献时代”的坚强合力。经《中外新闻》记者采访报道、主流媒体推荐函推荐,“《中外新闻》2013时代新闻人物”出炉:

  As the mainstream media, we carefully selected the outstanding individuals to be the New Person of the Year to recognize their great contributions in promoting world peace and global harmonious development in various fields. "The News Person of the Year" award is a special prize to recognize innovation, peacemaking, dedication and professionalism. Now, we will announce the winners of the "2013The News Persons of the Year".


  Winning Reasons: Since Mr. Burya Viktor was appointed as the Ambassador of Belarus to China, he witnessed the great change of the 18th NPC in China. He believes that the friendship and strategic cooperation between China and Belarus have been strengthened over different time. Three years ago when he was the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, he already focus on growing relationship with China in various fields, especially in the field of trade and investment cooperation. During his term as the ambassador in China, he continues full cooperation with all levels of Chinese government to discover and utilize complementary potentials for stronger collaboration between the two countries. Since China and Belarus established diplomatic relations 20 years ago, the volume of trade has been increased by 100 times, which effectively promoted the bilateral relations into a new level.